Call For Abstracts


Call For Abstracts

  • The committee invites the submission of abstracts to be considered for oral and poster presentations
  • The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 11 May 2018
  • Please use the abstract submission tab on this website to submit your abstract. Faxed abstracts will not be accepted
  • All appropriate abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. All abstracts received will be acknowledged, and authors will be sent acceptance or rejection letters by the 11th of June 2018. Please note that authors of accepted abstracts must be registered delegates


1. Each abstract must clearly state the following:
   a. Abstract title (the title of the abstract must not exceed 25 words)
   b. Name of list of author(s). The name of the presenting author must appear first in the list of authors
   c. Affiliation of author(s)
   d. Contact details of first author (telephone numbers, e-mail address etc)

2. Abstracts must be typed in English, single line spacing, Arial font size 12

3. The body of the text must not exceed 350 words (this excludes the information listed in point 1) and, using paragraph style, should include an introduction, methods, results and conclusion

SASBMB-FASBMB2018 provides 10 grants for African (excluding South African) postgraduate students to attend the conference. The grant will cover flights, transport, accommodation and registration. To qualify, applicants must be registered as a postgraduate (masters or doctoral) at a bona fide African university/tertiary institution (outside South Africa) and submit an abstract to present his/her work.


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